Jenni Leasia Design


Jenni Leasia Design offers personalized design services for kitchen, bath and whole house remodels, plus new construction finishes and furnishings.


Our Approach

A well-designed home provides comfort, inspiration and joy every day. It’s the best place to share meals, conversation and life with family and friends. A comfortable and beautiful home reflects who you are and what you love and Jenni Leasia Design can help you get there.

Our work fuses clean timeless design with superb project management and attention to detail. We embrace technology in our practice to communicate design concepts clearly and to increase the efficiency of each project. Our firm brings clients the highest quality craftsmanship and sustainable, lasting materials through our extensive network of vendors, tradesmen, builders, and installers. Jenni Leasia Design clients appreciate our focus on creating beautiful homes, tailored to their taste and lifestyle, without losing sight of the budget and timeline.

While some clients ask us to design their whole house, others come to us specifically for kitchen renovations. More than ever, the kitchen is the center of life in our homes and we work closely with clients to identify all of the activities that will take place there. Our kitchen designs focus on supporting every one of these activities seamlessly and beautifully. Whether it’s rolling out a pastry tart, or relaxing with a glass of wine in a cozy nook, we help you create a beautiful place for everything you want to do in your kitchen.

Located in Portland Oregon, we work on projects throughout the Pacific Northwest, and nationally. We have 15 years experience making a process that is often overwhelming and stressful into an exciting and enormously satisfying experience.

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We carefully listen to your needs and wishes and begin to hone in on the best use of the interior spaces given the site, existing architecture and other project parameters.

Schematic Design

Develop the overall aesthetic and style as we focus on design solutions that will achieve your immediate goals and enhance your use of the space. This phase includes preliminary drawings and illustrations to communicate the design.

Design Development

Crystallize the design concept and provide detailed drawings, finishes and documentation to facilitate the construction stage.

Design Management

We identify the project team, including the general contractor, finish subcontractors, landscape designers and other key consultants. We assist with budget development and collaborate with the team on value engineering. We will make scheduled site visits and work with contractors to help problem solve and to ensure that the design is executed as intended.